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We'd like to thank all those that are or have served our country and given us the freedoms we enjoy daily.. ...

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We'd like to send out a great big congratulations to Chad Carlson (father to Adam Carlson) who was the lucky recipient of the Penn Chiropractic Mountain Bike giveaway!!! Thanks to Dr. Randolph Penn and the staff of Penn Chiropractic Centre for this awesome giveaway!!!! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and give them a "thank you" for being a part of this great event!! ...

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We would like to express our gratitude to Penn Chiropractic Centre for being a part of the 2014 Art Moehn Chevrolet Childrenz Challenge! Dr. Randy Penn and his staff were on location during the event to conduct health screenings for all participants and spectators. Dr. Penn screened over 50 individuals throughout the day and those that participated have been entered into a raffle for a free mountain bike. This raffle will be held on October 15th and the winner will be contacted by Dr. Penn and announced through our Facebook and Twitter accounts... Furthermore, Dr. Penn has graciously donated $300 to the Childrenz Challenge from booking fees that were a direct result from these screenings on the day of the event. These funds have been used to provide our top 3 schools with their winning amounts.. Thanks again to Dr. Penn and his staff for their support in this event!! Please visit Penn Chiropractic Centre on Facebook and post on his page "thank you!" ...

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On Wednesday, September 17th the Childrenz Challenge held a dinner celebration for all of the volunteers, sponsors, and the beneficaries from the event. This evening was to thank everyone that participated in making the event a great success. We'd like to again congratulate Columbia Elementary, George Long Elementary, & Hanover-Horton Elementary for finishing in the top 3 and earning money for their school. Also congratulations to Ezra Eby Elementary for finishing 4th and earning a $200 gift card to Meijer - which was donated by attorney Michael Rosenthal. The volunteers were treated with great food from The Chase Sports Bar, raffles from local businesses such as Art Moehn Chevrolet Paul Griffin), The Chase Randy Lemaster), the YMCA, Kelly Express Marts, Salon 517(Teresa JB), and then two grand prizes from Salon J'Adore (Jessica Tawse Falahee) and Vermeulen's Furniture (Nate Vermeulen) Special thanks to Tegra Michael Clemet and Tegra C Designs for capturing photos of the evening and the presentations as well. Stay tuned as we will have some new and exciting announcements for the 2015 event soon! ...

The Childrenz Challenge Volunteer Dinner turned out great. Thanks to everyone that came out to support the event and to everything that made the event happen. Next Childrenz Challenge is August 22, 2015. And a special thanks to Scott Vitale for bring everything together. Please feel free to Share+Tag+Like these pictures and don't forget to Like Tegra C Designs

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Date of event: August 23, 2014

Cost per participant:  $30 

Cost for spectators:  $5


Included within the participant fee:  Childrenz Challenge t-shirt, Childrenz Challenge backpack, Childrenz Challenge wrist bracelet, Childrenz Challenge tattoo, 2 tickets for parents, Photo upon completion, other goodies… All participants must pre-register in order to receive a swag bag of items. Entertainment also

Items provided for spectators:  Free Parking, Food Court, Merchandise, Entertainment

The Childrenz Challenge is an obstacle course designed for children and combines strength, determination, stamina, but most importantly the ability to have fun!

The Childrenz Challenge course is not designed for punishment, it is set for accomplishment.


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