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And our winner is........ Shawne Bannerman and this picture of Blake.... Shawne will receive one free entry to the 2015 Art Moehn Chevrolet Childrenz Challenge, Presented by RW Mercer & Kelly Express Marts and In Cooperation with Experience Jackson.. Thanks to everyone that participated... we love seeing all the photos from last year's event. Stay tuned for the next contest!!!! Someone will be in contact with you Shawne to coordinate your entry for August 22, 2015!!! Make sure you register for the 2015 Art Moehn Chevrolet Childrenz Challenge at ...

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Still time to win a FREE entry into the 2015 Art Moehn Chevrolet Childrenz Challenge, Presented by RW Mercer & Kelly Express Marts. Check out our previous post for all the details and be sure to tag #childrenzchallenge2015 when you post to our FB page! ...

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Anyone up for a FREE entry into the 2015 Art Moehn Chevrolet Childrenz Challenge, Presented by RW Mercer & Kelly Express Marts? All you have to do is post your favorite picture to our FB page and put #childrenzchallenge2015 in the comments by Saturday, January 31st at 12pm. We will choose one winner and announce that winner and post on our FB page on Sunday, February 1st. (If you have already registered we will refund your entry fee) We are looking forward to seeing all the entries! Good luck and the challenge begins....... NOW!!!! #childrenzchallenge2015 ...

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Scott Maynard said "Sometimes the inspiration of one can lead to something big and special." This comment was made regarding the relationship of a father and his daughter, which is the reason and the foundation for the beginning of the Childrenz Challenge. The inspiration of a child to a parent is something that cannot be explained... it can only be felt... The Childrenz Challenge objective is to provide a fun-filled family event. Our passion is to provide smiles, stories, and memories that families will share with each other throughout the years. We hope that you will continue to share those dreams of the Childrenz Challenge and the goal to bring more smiles in 2015!!! Be sure to get your spots now as we have already registered over 150 kids for the event on August 22, 2015, held at Michigan International Speedway!!! (Photo of our Founder with his inspiration/daughter) - courtesy of Scott Maynard Photography ...

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Date:  August 22, 2015

Cost per participant:  $30  

Cost for spectators:  $5

Deadline for Pre-registration:  August 15, 2015  


Included within the participant fee:  Childrenz Challenge t-shirt, Childrenz Challenge backpack, Childrenz Challenge wrist bracelet, Childrenz Challenge tattoo, 2 tickets for parents, Photo upon completion, other goodies… All participants must pre-register in order to receive a swag bag of items.

Items provided for spectators:  Free Parking, Food Court, Merchandise, Entertainment

The Childrenz Challenge is an obstacle course designed for children and combines strength, determination, stamina, but most importantly the ability to have fun!

The Childrenz Challenge course is not designed for punishment, it is set for accomplishment.

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