General Questions

What is the Childrenz Challenge?

The Childrenz Challenge is an obstacle course with a number of challenges to test their strength, stamina, determination, but most importantly their ability to have fun! Please see "COURSE" for more detailed description of some of the challenges your child will encounter

When is the Childrenz Challenge?

August 15, 2020

What time should you be there for the event?

The Childrenz Challenge would encourage the participants to be at the event a minimum of 1 hour prior to their respective event time. This will give them enough time to register, get their “muddy” gear on, and checked-in accordingly with the starting personnel. There will be other events occurring throughout the day so participants/spectators should prepare for that as well.

What things should I be prepared for?

You should be prepared for your child to be wet, dirty, and muddy! We encourage that you bring an extra set of clothing for your kid(z) to change into after they have completed the course. We also would encourage bringing gloves and eyewear for the challenges that require climbing and mud. There will be outdoor showers to rinse off the mud and there will also be changing areas provided to the participants to change into clean attire.

What is the cost for the Childrenz Challenge?

The cost for pre-registered participants is tiered – $30/$35/$40/$45/$50/$55 –
included in that price is entry for two parents.
The cost for spectators is $5
Parking is free!!!!

Where will the Childrenz Challenge be?

It will be located at Michigan International Speedway, nestled in the heart of the Irish Hills area of Southeast Michigan. It is located approximately 36 miles southwest of Ann Arbor, MI and 60 miles south of Lansing, MI.

Who will benefit from the Childrenz Challenge?


School with Most Participation/School Enrollment – $6,000

School with 2nd Most Participation/School Enrollment – $3,000

School with 3rd Most Participation/School Enrollment – $1,500

School with the 4th Most Participation/School Enrollment – $1,000

School with the 5th Most Participation/School Enrollment – $500

YMCA of Jackson
Dahlem Center
Jackson Jets Softball
MIS Cares
Benjamin Evans Scholarship
Jackson County RoseQueen Pageant
Fallen Officers Scholarship
Robbie Martinez 5K

Where can I purchase merchandise?

Childrenz Challenge merchandise will be available for purchase at the merchandise area on the day of the event. No checks please.

What accommodations are available?

There are various hotels throughout the area that are available.