“I want to get muddy too, Daddy!” four-year-old Jocelyn exclaimed. Childrenz Challenge founder Scott Vitale and his daughter were inside on that rainy summer day looking at pictures of mud-spackled participants at the Tough Mudder event.

Scott did what any good parent would do . . . he and Jocelyn donned old clothes and set out on their own “muddy” adventure. They splashed through puddles, squished under fences and rolled down slippery hills. Jocelyn’s smiles through a face full of dirt and mud brought great joy to Scott’s heart. The idea was born. Why not create a mud-obstacle course for friends’ kids? Scott put pen to paper. He spent many nights designing the concept of a muddy obstacle course for kids. Now it needed a title.

For 10 days Scott and Jocelyn continually talked about their muddy adventure. “What kind of challenges would you like to do?” Scott asked. “Like what, Daddy, like children’s challenges? “That’s it!” Scott thought excitedly as he jotted “Children’s Challenge” on a notepad. But as he searched on the computer, disappointment set in. There were thousands of items listed under Children’s Challenge. He knew their event would get lost. Then a funny thing happened. While Scott was searching for information, Jocelyn was writing the letters of the words. He looked at her notepad and froze! As kids typically do when learning to spell, she had written a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’: “Childrenz Challenge”. Scott knew that was it ~ Childrenz Challenge was the title! He looked at his daughter in amazement. Jocelyn was not only the inspiration behind the project - she was the creator of its name!

The Childrenz Challenge was inspired by a daddy and his daughter having a fun-filled rainy day in the mud. It has become a staple event and brought joy to thousands of kids, parents, families, schools, and the community. Scott and Jocelyn, together, prove not only that they are the best daddy-daughter duo, but that the inspiration of one can lead to something very special. They look forward to sharing their dream with you!